our hydraulic presses: flexible, rugged & efficient

Many of our customers have LAUFFER presses in use for decades. With our knowledge and over 130 years of experience, we are always the right partner for pressing a wide range of materials.

excellence in pressing, transfer & injection molding

Our products range from thermosetting presses and manually loaded conventional transfer molding presses up to fully automatic molding systems.

Proven leader

in metal deep draw, heavy blanking, cold forging and agile stamping


in thermoset, transfer molding and circuit board lamination pressing

Complex, Precision and Sizing

Complex powder metal components, precision compacting and sizing is our strength!

Precision movement and parallelism control for critical composite pressing applications

Our Technology

What we provide
  • Metal Forming

    Deep draw, blanking, general purpose CNC precision hydraulic stamping presses and turn-key systems for any industry, from 40 to 4000 US tons capacity.

  • Powdered Metal

    High precision multi-axes CNC powder compacting presses and calibrating/resizing presses for powdered metal research and component manufacturing.

  • Composite Materials

    Our vast engineering diversity and experience allow custom press solutions for the evolving composites materials and applications.

  • Controls and Retrofit Services

    Whether the latest controls on a new press, or bringing new life back to your existing Lauffer, our controls engineering and support services are ready to offer up our in-house solutions for your productivity.

Our Commitment

What we provide

How We Suceed Together

Lauffer builds solutions to tough applications. If you have been already told "that can't be done", or that your requirements are "out-of-the-box", then we need to talk. Our capabilities span the greatest variety of industries, we custom engineer the impossible, and with almost limitless in-house talent, we will create your vision together as true partners. Competitiveness begins with a better idea, that is the trusted solution we will deliver to your production floor.

German Precision From The Black Forest

Located 40 minutes south of Stuttgart, Germany (or 2-1/2 hours from Frankfurt), LAUFFER sits at the gateway to the Black Forest, home of Coo-coo clocks, castles, feudal landmarks and breathtaking views. Come and visit our facility first hand and experience our unique culture and the finest cuisine. We routinely welcome visitors from around the globe; our exports exceed 70% so you know we will be there to support you in the remotest of locations. Whether you have an active project or not, you will find the time invested a future dividend to your operations