Powdered Metal

Growing Demands in state of the are P/M part production require flexability and high-performance presses.

Powdered Metal

The Lauffer P/M Porfolio

Hydraulic, closed-loop controlled powder compacting presses, synchronous compacting, Lauffer designed CAM software, innovative hydraulic solutions and improved energy efficiency are only some of the features of the Lauffer powder compacting and sizing presses.

  • Powder compacting presses
  • Sizing presses
  • Presses for laboratory applications
  • Multi-platen adapters
  • Automation systems



Powder Compacting Presses

Pressing forces 33 – 550 Tons

VPM 160 SC – MPP 8 (3-3) with balance

Sizing / Calibration Presses

Pressing forces 70 – 1400 Tons

Sizing Presses

Research and Trial Presses

Pressing forces 7 – 33 Tons