All our presses may include ISDN or Ethernet modem ready controls for Worldwide factory diagnostics. LAUFFER offers complete responsibility from detailed application engineering to responsive and capable on-site solutions.

  • Universal High Speed Hydraulic Presses

    In C-frame or straight side design for general-purpose applications such as coining, forming, stamping, blanking (full tonnage), deep drawing, etc.

    Tonnage Range: 11 to 4400 US tons
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Presses

    In massive straight side design with special gibbing also for off-center loading as well as progressive or transfer applications.

    Tonnage Range: 110 to 2200 US Tons
  • Deep Draw Presses

    Single, double and multiple action designs for deep drawing (including reverse drawing) from a variety of materials such as stainless steel and special materials including different blank thicknesses (tailored blanks).

    Tonnage Range: 28 to 2200 US Tons
  • Automated Press Systems

    We offer solutions for various applications:

    • Automatic single press systems with coil lines or blank loaders/part unloaders.
    • Tandem or multiple press systems with blank loaders/part unloaders, robots or part transfer systems.
    • Multiple cylinder presses with progressive or free part transfer systems.
  • Hydraulic Powdered Metal Presses

    This RPM-SE series is designed as a CNC multi-axes powdered metal compacting system. With 4 or more controllable axes, this press delivers unmatched precision and flexibility, often eliminating final calibrating altogether. A wide range of filling, feed and automation systems are available.

  • Composite Material Presses

    The advantages of compression molding and lamination:

    • Precisely defined structural characteristics of the parts
    • Processing of complex shapes and geometries
    • Processing of parts with small thicknesses
    • High surface qualities on both sides